What Peerless Records will do:
  • We will manage the project to ensure that it will result in a finished and professional sounding product.
  • We will incorporate the artistic genre that the appointed producer demands.
  • In conjunction with the artist we may arrange for professional session musicians to perform on the song.
  • As much as is practically possible, we will aim to meet the time-lines set during the pre-production meeting.
  • We are able to help with getting the completed song up for sale on the Internet.

What we expect from our client:
  • Most songs that are commercially successful are between 2:40 and 4 minutes long. This is no accident, so keep this in mind when you are creating your concept.
  • You are invited to indicate a style, or genre, or artist that you want the final product to match.
  • The appointed producer has the final say on any matter to do with the project. This must be respected at all times.
  • You do need to be punctual for your booked appointments. If you are unable to attend a booked session we expect you to give us a minimum of 24 hours notice.
  • Unless arranged otherwise, you will be responsible for paying any session musician fees.
  • Unless arranged otherwise, you will be responsible for paying for the mastering session.

What Peerless Records does NOT do:
  • We do not directly actively market songs ourselves: it is our business to produce the final product. We choose to use our specialist business partners to do our marketing for us.
  • We do not usually get involved in the making of a music video.
  • We do not pretend to be graphic designers so we won't be able to help you with artwork for album covers.
  • We do not build or manage websites or Facebook pages.

For all of the above that we do NOT do: we can put you in touch with people who specialise in these areas and who do these things very well.